Sunday, August 10, 2008

Iron Cupcake Earth Challenge

Iron Cupcake Earth consists of cupcake lovers from all over the world which take part in this competition by expressing their creativeness in a cupcake recipe.You too could be a winner. There are fabolous prizes to be won in this challenge thanks to the corporate sponsors JESSIE STEELE APRONS ;CUPCAKE COURIER and TASTE OF HOME and thanks also to this month's ETSY artist CAKESPY, her link is: I encourage you to participate in this challenge, all you have to do is go to For more info regarding this challenge visit Iron Cupcake Earth Central Hub.

Voting will be open from Sunday, August 31st at 12 to Thursday, September 4 at 12 noon. To vote go at NO ONE PUTS CUPCAKEIN A CORNER,

More photos of this cupcake challenge can be found at IronCupcake:Earth flickr group page.

The post of my first challenge will follow soon.


Dee said...

Dare I pit my formidable (just fell on the floor laughing) skills against the world? I think not *sigh* Looking forward to your entry though :)

Selena said...

You write very well.